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Step one

Spread platform for shooting. Playground going once for several cars

Step two

Start the car in the center of the site

Step three

Start shooting the car from different angles

Step four

Shooting the small details closeup

Step five

Special device automatically makes the panorama car interior

Done !!!

After the automatic image processing on the server you get the interactive panorama

Do you want everyone to see the panorama of your car on your site?

It's easy! More details below

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Want to show the panorama on your website?

Easy integration with any website

  • Through the image with QR-code

    Upload image with QR code to your target site

    Any time the QR image appears on a page, it launches AUTOBOX 360 player with certain car panorama

  • Through the iframe

  • Photo gallery

    Download the photo of the car under any foreshortening

  • Link to panorama

    You can simply provide a link to the panorama on our servers

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